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Use AI to get the most recent financials from EDGAR and find unique investment opportunities.

The equity research team at Market Inference joined forces with the industry leading AI innovators from Informatism, LLC to create a chatbot that can access, interpret, and report stock data. Just log in and start talking! The current version provides accurate answers on price, revenue, earnings, EPS, debt, and most other financial metrics queries for all stocks reporting to the SEC's EDGAR financial database.

  • No complicated interface, no code, no options to select... Just tell Graham what you need in everyday English and he delivers the most recent data. If you need an analysis or a stock comparison, he can do that too. This is just the beginning: we're adding to his capabilities everyday.

  • We keep costs down through an innovative backend architecture relying on a hybrid AI system that accesses proprietary datasets. We don't use any third party resources, which improves our cost profile and ability to quickly address issues.

  • Our pricing information is updated daily, and we download in bulk raw data from EDGAR every week. This ensures that Graham is providing you the most recent and accurate answers to your questions.



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API Service

Are you building an app that requires a finance or data oriented conversation interface? Do you need a customized, pre-trained AI model for financial or accounting analysis? We provide an application programming interface (API) so that you can embed Graham into your product, service, or platform. Our engineering team will help you every step of the way. The only limit is your imagination.

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Our model is a unique combination of state-of-the-art AI with proven data analysis and machine learning techniques. This allows us to balance life-like conversation capabilities while avoiding hallucination.


Graham can give you and your team the tools needed to quickly and accruately gauge market opportunities, for a fraction of the cost of the competition.


We mine comprehensive data from primary sources. To ensure our data is accurate and up-to-date, we run validation tests to cross check financial, pricing, and documents.

About Us

We conceived Graham because we believe that combining AI with accurate financial data can help investors find better opportunities in the stock market. Informatism is an international team of financial analysts, developers, and data scientists who are passioante about creating AI powered tools that educate, enlighten, and inspire.

Investors should never rely on one source alone in reaching their decisions. Graham is meant to be an exploratory tool, and we urge you to use it as the starting point of your investment research. Do not make any investments only on the basis of what Graham tells you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Until recently, an artificially intelligent finance assistant was purely in the realm of science fiction. But recent advances in machine learning have allowed for quantum leaps in the replication of human speaking patterns and the ability for software to synthesize and re-interpret information in a meaningful way. While our work is far from done, we are amazed at how well Graham performs, and are eager to share him with the world!

Please see below for some of the most interesting and frequently asked questions about our service.

  • Simply type your question! Graham works best if each question specifies the ticker symbol and financial metric you seek information on, but our goal is for users to be able to ask open-ended questions about stocks in natural and conversational English. All user inputs are stored (anonymously) to allow us to study the model's behavior and to improve its performance. So feel free to challenge Graham - he will do his best to answer responsibly.

  • Are you curious about the technology behind Graham? Do you have a suggestion? Are you wondering about the possibility of embedding a customized stock chatbot into your systems? Get in touch with our colleagues from Informatism.
    They are passionate about developing hallucination free chatbots and putting the power of AI into the hands of individuals and businesses of all sizes.

  • By default, Graham retains the logs associated with your account in order to offer you more personalized counseling. You may also choose to have your chat logs stored anonymously, or to have none of them stored. In any event, none of your data will ever be shared outside of our company, or used for any purpose other than improving the counseling service.

  • It depends on your privacy choice. You may choose to have your chat history deleted after each session. You may also allow us to store your chat logs indefinitely for the sole purpose of improving Graham.

  • We offer a free tier service, so that you can decide if Graham is the kind of assistant you are looking for. Once you decide on the paid tier, each monthly payment is non refundable. You may of course cancel your subscription at any time before the monthly payment is due and we will permanently delete all information related to your account.

  • Absolutely! If you are interested in training Graham on your datasets, or incorporating our virtual conversation interface into your own app, please contact us.

  • We obtain fresh data from the US government's EDGAR database of financial reports on a weekly basis. We update our price tables overnight so that our financial ratios and pricing data is accurate... Graham is not designed to assist investors and traders with a mid to long term horizon. Our pricing data is not granular enough for day-trading.

  • Graham combines a large language model (LLM) chat interface with a proproetary data retreival system that matches user queries to the most likely data set based ona multi-level analysis of each prompt.

Contact Us

Graham is currently in its beta version. We are excited to hear your feedback and suggestions!